Honey bee ceiling cutout – Pentyrch

Removing honey bees in ceiling – South Wales

These ‘honey bees in ceiling’ were entering through the apex of one of the dormer windows and kept turning up in an en-suite bathroom. Because of the layout of the house we were having real troubles identifying exactly where these honey bees where. We took a while working out how we felt we could reach these bees best. We concluded that these bees were in a small dormer window roof space. Our thermal camera really didn’t offer us any assistance in finding the bees location. Having cut a very tight access spot into the ceiling we found that there was a lot of additional framework preventing us from getting any closer. Describing these as being ‘honey bees in ceiling’ is not completely accurate, realistically they were in the apex of a dormer roof, requiring a lot of stretching and reaching for us to clear these honey bees. During the process the queen left the roof space and landed on a lower slate roof to the side of the property; just as we got into position to catch her there she decided to move on to a neighbouring tree which is where we eventually caught up with her and reunited her with the rest of the colony. On completion of the honey bee removal we sealed the entrance point and because it was a local job followed up with another visit to make the repair to the ceiling.

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