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Honey bee removal experts SwarmCatcher are THE UK specialists in removing and relocating unwelcome honey bees that have arrived at a property and taken up permanent residence in a place they shouldn’t have. Here on our site you will find a lot of information about options for removing and relocating honey bees to enable you to decide on what best to do. We have split these options under three main categories.


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Honey Bees in Roof

Generally speaking honey bees don’t colonise roof spaces, when they are flying in beneath tiles they more often than not are colonising a cavity wall or an old dismantled chimney stack that is hidden beneath the tiles.

Honey Bees in Chimney

We attend more chimney honey bee removals than we do of any other type of honey bee removal or cutout. When honey bees occupy a chimney space it is usually one of three scenarios or a combination of them.

Honey Bees in Wall

We remove bees from walls and we can do it without taking them down if you can live with the bees for a couple of months more. But for those of you that can’t we can still get the bees out of the wall.

Non toxic live removal and relocation of Honey Bees

The bees and honeycomb are extracted and relocated without using insecticide. We then proof and reinstate to prevent more bees reoccupying. There’s no need for an expensive false guarantee linked to reoccupation of bees to a specific spot on your property. Seriously, read any guarantee offered and carefully think about all the get out clauses it has. Rather than false guarantees be assured that we have carried out the work correctly and properly, but if a short duration guarantee full of get out clauses is important we can discuss it.

This ethical and correctly carried out live bee removal and relocation service is provided by relatively few people within the UK, and even fewer that are properly insured for doing so. We are insured to carry out all aspects of the work, we just aren’t the type to do it any other way, and have been doing so for many years.

We advise on how best to use specialist contractors to create the most financially beneficial honey bee removal and relocation service. We are proud to have worked alongside some of the many UK specialists  providing chimney repair expertise, multi-fuel stove installations, building repairs safe in the knowledge that they too carry out their work in an equally particular manor.

Our methodology does not contaminate the environment, damage your home,  kill other bee colonies or allow insecticide to enter the human food chain and eliminates the possibility of being fined for not complying with the law and various regulations.

There’s rarely a need for a very expensive bee survey that tells you little or for a drone to take aerial photographs of what is already known, all that is usually needed is a few photographs and some questions answered for us to be able to give you a guide on what is required to remove and relocate the bees. Of course if you have had a survey carried out then please send us a copy so we can discuss your situation or just give us a call or fill in the “contact us” form so we may get back to you.

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Successful removal of bees nest from roof cavity

After 3 years of having bees buzzing around the roof gable end of our converted barn, and having had our youngest son stung a couple of times, we decided it was time to deal with the problem. Having had some advice but little help from the local council, we were put in contact with Swarmcatcher through somebody local who had used their services before.
During the week after Easter and after having a scaffold frame installed, Ian arrived to do the tricky job of locating the nest under the slate roof tiles and then remove them. With help from Tony, they worked for over a day, carefully removing tiles and then having isolated what turned out to be a larger nest than expected, removed all the bees and comb – and all of this carried out wearing protective clothing and working at a height of about 30 ft.
We had nothing but praise for the work they carried out. Ian was incredibly knowledgeable about bees in general (bee management has been in the family for generations) and was happy to answer all our questions and educate us about the life cycle and social make up of these most amazing creatures.
Their work was done efficiently and effectively and any mess was cleared up without any prompting.
A bonus for us was to have the some of the delicious honeycomb from the nest and there was so much in the nest there was plenty to share as well as to feed the bees as they made their way with Ian to Wales and to their new apiary.
We are so glad we did not follow some advice and have the bees poisoned and we were very lucky to have been put in contact with Ian and the Swarmcatcher’s service whom we would highly recommend to anybody who wants to remove their unwanted bees with care and understanding. Many thanks Ian!
G & C

Geoff Sharp

helpful advice

very helpful telephone advice after another company was going to overcharge for removal of Tree bumble bees. We’re going to leave them alone &live in harmony instead!
thank you

Lucy Carrie

Bees in the wall

A huge thank you to Beverly, who contacted me immediately I posted my concerns, that bees had returned and made home again in the outside wall of our home. I have a life long fear of bees, however after talking with her, she has reassured me they are not honey bees and best left as they are doing a wonderful job. Will adhere to her valued advice. Thank you so much again, a truly helpful website.

Ivy Turnbull

Bees Removed from Chimney

Great service the bees have been in my chimney for 4 years and plaguing me and my neighbours.
Swarmcatcher responded in a professional friendly manner. They made the whole process easy. And the bees have been saved.
Thank you


Removing bees from a chimney – Taunton, Somerset

Really know what they are doing

Ian Fuller

Fantastic job

The guys turned up and worked non stop. They cleared the bees from the chimney and then proofed it so that it could breathe and they also opened up the bottom of the chimney and removed an unbelievable amount of dead bees . Now we know why that room had a musky smell and lots of moths.

Ian Fuller

Very satisfied

I spoke to a very helpful gentleman who gave me free expert advice enabling the bees to be left alone to go away of their own accord.

Many thanks for all your help.


Ruth Bryant

Bees nest

I have gone in my shed this morning to tidy it and when I went to move a move a swarm of bees came out. I have been stung, I now have my shed door wide open box half falling out and a swarm of angry bees

These are most likely bumble bees but we would need images to confirm that.

Kim thorne


There are multiple big bees going in and out from the gap in my attic and the buzzing is so loud it feels like they are in my main housing area

Probably Tree Bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum).
They were first sighted in the UK in 2001 now they are everywhere.
Unlike UK native bumblebees they can be bad tempered and aggressive, they don’t tend to like lawn mowers, pressure washers and sometimes just wake up wrong and sting you for fun.
Many will tell you to leave them be – but that depends on where they are and what activities you carry out within their territory (which can be large).
If you were local, we would offer to remove them.
They can be anything up to 5 or 6 metres away from the entry point into your property.
Best bet is to look them up on the web and read about them; if you decide you want to do something about them get in contact with a full member of the BPCA –


Highly recommend

Bees moving into your home is stressful. I love nature but having a swarm come knocking and moving in uninvited was a shock. Local beekeepers were on hand to identify that they were honey bees, but as to what we then do…wow. SWARMCATCHER was the first company I contacted and was very impressed with the advice rather than hard sell approach from Bev. I also contacted Beegone so I could compare as to be honest they seems to be the only two companies carrying out live removals. Bev even advised to contact them to compare, as I said no hard sell at all. Less said about them the better. Prices for people who clearly have nothing better to spend money on.

So job was done in a day by Ian and his son Gabe who were friendly and very knowledgeable and worked extremely well and professionally. They had to then come back to finish off and bee proof the house. This was done again quickly and at no inconvenience to us at all. And they to my mind wouldnt finish the job until I was 100% happy. Nothing was too much trouble. Obviously the spring is a very very busy time for the company so there was a few weeks wait but worth it.

The whole experience with SWARMCATCHER was brilliant. I have just paid the invoice and it was exactly (if not slightly better) than expected. I can not praise this company highly enough. Truely. Thank you so much!


A great job done by experts

Two long-standing colonies of bees removed from our barn roof and walls along with buckets full of honeycomb. The Swarmcatcher team were friendly, knowledgeable and tidy. They even brought a press so we could have some honey.

Rhoda Daniels

“Bees removed from cavity”

After speaking to a number of “experts” we finally came across SwarmCatcher. They removed the bees from a challenging spot which was 8 meters above the ground. They carried out the work without fuss and kept us involved, sharing their knowledge throughout the process. A great experience and good job done, thanks. Would thoroughly recommend them.

Adrian Jones

Very Happy with the service from Swarmcatcher

I contacted Swarmcatcher to enquire about removing the bees that had set up home in a disused chimney of my elderly parent’s home in Northamptonshire. There was a large hive in the chimney, the bees had been there 5 years. I received expert advice from the Swarmcatcher team, who gave me clear and detailed information regarding the removal process and associated costs. They subsequently carried out the removal work to their quoted cost and schedule. The bees are now safely rehomed and my parent’s house no longer ‘hums’ all summer. I would thoroughly recommend Swarmcatcher.

Theresa Roper