Honey Bee Removal from Chimney near Poole

Live honey bee removal from chimney in Dorset

We carried out this honey bee removal from chimney near Poole, Dorset in early March. What a great time of year to be doing a honey bee removal. The bees have seen the majority of the winter thru, all honey has been capped, stores have been reduced significantly, the bees are only now bringing in pollen, the weather is cool so the wax is firmer – not a lot firmer mind, but enough to reduce the possibility of dropping comb and honey down the chimney.

We had been sent a few photos of the chimney and realised the best option was going to be for some scaffold to be erected, fortunately the scaffolders were able to build up from a flat section of roof that could be reached via a door in the attic space.

Still we didn’t really know what to expect before arriving at the property to carry out the honey bee removal from chimney .

First peak down the chimney showed a water bottle in with the comb; that water bottle had an amusing storey to it as it was part of a setup to try to prevent the bees from settling. Something a local beekeeping swarm collector had advised doing. Not the greatest of advice as clearly the bees had been there a while, and really why did he think it would work anyway? But unfortunately these people regularly dish out poor advise – I wonder if they had to pick up the bill for getting it wrong whether they would try thinking before advising?

These pots are quite large but we were able to remove the one over the colony without damaging it. As we moved it off the crown we pulled away some of the attached comb running up the inside of the pot.

It soon became clear that the honey bees had been busy over the few months and that they had been in the chimney the previous summer: you can see the length of the comb being pulled out and that they had utilised the full width and breadth of the chimney flue.

We managed to remove all the comb without dropping any and were also able to save the brood placing it into a nuc box along with a lot of nurse bees.
The following morning we recombined the bees from the vac box with the brood.

Four weeks on and it could be seen that the queen was happily laying eggs getting ready for summer.

A great result all round.

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