Honey bee cutout – Wenvoe

This was one of our earlier cutouts if we had known then what we know now this would have been a much more straightforward job. We had been expecting to find the colony behind the wood cladding, but as you can see it wasn’t there, so on this occasion we needed to come back the following day with kit to allow us to work inside the property as cleanly as possible, anf for the contents of the room to be moved.

These honey bees had been using a couple of small holes in the wooden wall cladding about halfway up. We had made the assumption that they were in behind this in the wall void; something we had come across quite often, but no, to our surprise they were taking a very long walk  up the inside of the cavity wall to the hive located within the ceiling space. This was probably because over time someone had been sealing up the various entrance points that the bees had been using.

These days we use a very expensive FLIR thermal imaging camera to assist us in figuring out whats going on when we carry out a bee inspection to identify the best options available to you. If we had had that piece of kit at the beginning of this bee removal we would have known that the bees were in the ceiling rather than the wall.

We got there in the end and managed to clear the ceiling void of all honey comb and bees; just to add a complication to this job the Queen bee took off with a large swarm while we were halfway thru making an opening in the ceiling. The swarm landed high-up in a tree close-by which we were fortunate enough to be able to bag and then combine with some of the brood (young bees, eggs and larvae) that we had framed up to ensure the continuance of the colony should something untoward happen to the queen during the live removal of the bee colony.

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