General Info About Bees

Why bees are important to us.

Local bee hive site opportunities

We are always looking for suitable sites to locate beehives in, so if you are interested please call us on 02922 401649

If you have some good photos of bees on various flowers and bee swarms that you don’t mid us using we would love to hear from you.


Please send photos to


Bee Removal and Re-homing

If you have a bee swarm or bee colony contact a bee keeper; someone who cares, not just an exterminator who will kill the bees and charge you for it.

For situations the beekeeper can’t help then call us – we specialise in these problems.

For bee swarms in Cardiff and surrounding area give us a call on 02922 401 649 and we will relocate them for you.

We cover all of Devon, Dorset, North Cornwall, Somerset and South East Wales.

For Bee Removal in S. West and S. Wales call the Swarm Catcher on 02922 401 649