Honey Bees in Wall

We remove bees from walls and we can do it without taking them down if you can live with the bees for a couple of months more.
But for those of you that can’t we can still get the bees out of the wall.

There are two main options for the removal of honey bees that have colonised a wall cavity.
The least intrusive is to carry out a trapout, the result of which is the removal of the bees and the honey, main disadvantage of using this method is that it takes 6 weeks or more and generally needs to be carried out during the late spring and summer months although there are various options on how this is done dependent upon the circumstances and the desired outcome.
The second method involves the removal of sufficient bricks, boarding or plasterboard to access the colony to enable the complete removal of the comb, the honey and the bees. This maybe carried out from within the property or from the outside of the property dependent upon circumstances and accessibility. This method offers a fairly immediate solution for the removal of the bees.

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