Honey Bees in Roof

Generally honey bees don’t colonise roof spaces, when they are flying in beneath tiles they more often than not are colonising a cavity wall or an old dismantled chimney stack that is hidden beneath the tiles. The easiest way for us to access these bee colonies is for us to temporarily remove the roof slates or tiles which then allows us to reach and the remove all of the wax and honey stores and to relocate the honey bees. Before reinstating the slates or tiles we will clean up the area scraping of the honey and wax residue as much as possible. We will if appropriate spray the are with something to mask the residue and fill the space so that it can not be reoccupied by another swarm.

Recolonisation prevention guarantee for slated or tiled spaces.

Why we don’t offer a guarantee that additional swarms won’t in the future recolonise the roof space.

This is impossible to do – despite the fact some advertise that they do.
It’s an impossible task to seal of a roof space sealing every hole that a bee could enter. The scent from the comb and propolis of the removed bee nest is highly attractive to passing bees, and lasts for years after.
From what we have seen, anyone offering a guarantee is only offering it on the part of the roof that the original colony was in. In this situation they fill the space so that it can not be occupied, which we would normally do any way (providing building regs allow for it).
BUT this does not guarantee that the bees won’t occupy the space in the adjoining area between the next set of rafters, AND this is not covered in any of the guarantees that we are aware of.
The guarantee is very specific stating only the space previously occupied by the honey bees in the roof is guaranteed. Well they can rest easy on that having filled the space.
This is an inconsequential guarantee that sounds good but is not worth anything.
One of the only ways that could guarantee that any part of the roof won’t be recolonised would be by the removal of the complete roof and the installation of insect mesh before reinstatement of the roof.

The good news is that there are a few things that can be done that will go a long way towards the prevention of the honey bees returning, which we can discuss with you.

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